For thousands of years Laconian people cultivate with absolute respect to the environment their blessed olive trees, the juice of which produce the famous Laconian Olive Oil. The special climate of Laconia with moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine are ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees resulting to the overwhelming qualitative superiority of the Laconian virgin olive oil.

Only few places around the world can produce olive oil with the superior taste and qualitative characteristics of the Laconian Olive oil. This is the main reason that the majority of the laconian Olive Oil production is exported abroad in order to be used as the basis for the production of other Extra Virgin Olive Oil products which take advantage of exactly this qualitative superiority.    
It’s only a small part of each year’s crop that remains totally untouched of any kind of stage processing and usually this is the part intended to be consumed by the farmers themselves. The key characteristic of this oil is that the olive juice - produced only few hours after the olives are collected from the trees – is stored immediately after its cold extraction in specials tanks in which will remain for several weeks totally isolated from the air and the sunlight, the two harmful factors for the olive oil. No kind of stage processing is involved other that the natural sedimentation which filters the olive oil. The result is a taste experience that only few people in the world can have: And these people are the farmers themselves.     

And  this is also our ambition: To share exactly this rare Olive Oil with as many people around the world as possible. Directly from the farmers to your table.This is what we offer with Telion.

The extra virgin olive oil is characterized as a unique product and this is due to the existence of certain organoleptic properties.
• Fruity: scent deriving from the olive press of fresh & green olives; the fresher the olives are the more intense this property is.
• Spicy: a positive property of the extra virgin olive oils; we feel a slight burn at our throat that lasts a few seconds.
• Bitter: according to the variety and the ageing stage of the fruit, we may notice the presence of this property.
• Polyphenols: natural antioxidant contained in the extra virgin olive oil TELION. The polyphenols are the shield for the product itself but also for the consumer; the bigger the number of polyphenols, the fresher the olive oil remains as the time passes by.
How we safeguard all the aforementioned!!!
By pressing the olives within 48 hours after their harvest and by storing them until then in sackcloths or plastic buckets in order to ensure the good ventilation of olives.
The separation of olive oil is not effectuated in temperature higher than 28 degrees Celsius.
The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, in a dry and shadowy place.
The ideal conditions for the olive trees’ cultivation, in combination with the early harvest of olives and the modern machinery of the olive oil presses, guarantee the high quality and authenticity of the properties of extra virgin olive oil
TELION olive oil is produced via cold extraction of the famous variety of Koroneiki olive, as well as of the unique Athinoelia, thus offering a unique and balanced product, the taste of which is full of aromas. At the beginning of its life right after the extraction its taste balances between bitter and a bit of spicy, getting a smoother taste as it gets mature. At every stage you will be surprised of the freshness it will reflect to your mouth